How To Get Here

How to get to Cayman Brac
The most common way to arrive on Cayman Brac is by air through Grand Cayman. From Grand Cayman, Cayman Express operates up to six twin otter flights daily to the Brac. Cayman Airways operates a Boeing 737 once a day, 5 days a week between Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Currently, there is a jet flight direct from Miami USA to Cayman Brac once a week.

These airlines fly directly to Grand Cayman:
Cayman Airlines direct from Miami, Dallas, Chicago, Washington DC, Tampa, Houston, Orlando, New York (JFK) Jamaica (Kingston & Montego Bay,) Cuba (Havana,) Honduras (La Cieba,) Panama,
Air Canada from Toronto
American Airlines from Miami
British Airways from London
US Air from Charlotte, Philadelphia
United from Washington DC, Newark, Houston
Delta Airlines from Atlanta
Sosa from La Cieba
Westjet from Toronto
Check with your favourite airline for current routes.