Things to do in the Brac


Come explore the clear warm waters that surround Cayman Brac. Play with the turtles and brightly coloured fish, swim among the plentiful corals.
Diving and snorkelling are the primary reasons that people visit the Brac. The water is clear, deep and warm, teeming with lots of brightly coloured fish, corals and other sea life.


a fishing boat and catch your own supper. Mahi Mahi, Red Snapper, Wahoo, Marlin, Grouper.
Big fish thrive in the waters off Cayman Brac.


the numerous caves that dot both sides of the bluff, as it rises 140 feet above sea level. Or scale the bluff. Or explore the Booby nests at the far end of the bluff. Tour the island in search of the 200 part time or full time variety of bird population. Visit the bird sanctuary at the west end and the Parrot Preserve up on the bluff. Marvel at the vibrant colours of the flora on every Brac property. Search for the varieties of Iguana and other interesting life forms.

There are plenty of grocery, convenience, hardware, liquor and others stores for whatever you may need. There are several post offices located throughout the island. Cayman National Bank has a branch in the Brac and will cash your travellers cheques of any currency. The ATM will also dispense cash in either CI (Cayman dollar) or US dollars from your home bank account. (While CI is the national currency, US$ are widely accepted there. $1 US is worth 80 cents in CI. $1 CI costs $1.25 US.) There are a few medical offices located on the Brac as well as a small but excellent hospital. There are hair salons, esthetics and fitness centres.

For more activities and island information please visit Cayman Brac Tourism Website.